Top 10 Healthy Food Near Me in New York

To show ample creativity in foods, I am making a list of top 10 delicious and healthy foods near me and you.let's see which foods come up in this list.

(Last Updated On: 01/08/2019)

Fast food, junk food, and processed food – these are the words that come into mind when talking about American food. The country is widely known for foods that are generally greasy, grinded, and made with machines. But, the people of the USA know some awesome foods too.  To show ample creativity in foods, I am making a list of top 10 delicious and healthy foods near me and you.

I know defining American foods is not a simple task, as there are many foods that fall in different categories. Please note that if I don’t pick any food that you love the most, then it may be because I didn’t get the chance to eat it from the best restaurant, or maybe it was left behind accidentally. Please let me know in the comments if you feel like sharing an item that isn’t on this list.

Now, let’s start the food fight and see which foods come up in this list.

Top 10 Healthy Food Near Me

10. Chocolate chip Cookies

America has Ruth Wakefield, who used to own a popular spot for cooking at home during the 1930s. We should all thank her for sharing such an amazing spoon-liking recipe for chocolate chips. Did she cut some pieces of chocolate and place them over cookies? Or did some particles of chocolate bar accidentally fall over her cookie bars when she was using her blender?
We don’t know how chocolate chips came into existence, but a new form of cookies was born. Andrew Nestle bought the recipe from her, and it still thanks her for this awesome recipe. Yummy chocolate chip cookies are one of the most eaten American foods. Aren’t you craving some?

9. Blueberry Cobbler

Widely known as a slump, buckle, or grunt; blackberry cobbler was made by colonists who cooked it without a crust at the bottom. As they didn’t have access to ovens, they were made in a pan or a pot over the medium fire.

They can be considered a revolutionized version of the British steamed dough with fruits. But when blueberry was placed over cobblers, it became an authentic American food, as blackberries can only be found in North America. No doubt, it has a monopoly over blueberries.

Blueberry is loved by us, owing to their potential to practically fit into any crust, dough, batter, and above all, in a cobbler. And, obviously, how can we forget the blueberry muffin.

8. Delmonico’s Steak

You can find various steakhouses around the country, but none of them have a proper past. With a universally acclaimed name, Delmonico’s can be considered an authentic American cuisine.

The first place to offer this steak was named Delmonico’s. It was a French restaurant that contained fancy things like a printed menu, fresh tablecloths, and offering lunch along with dinner. Among many other fancy things, this restaurant also served the famous Delmonico steak. Nowadays, the restaurant uses the boneless rib eyepieces of beef. However, in 1837, the chef used some other pieces.

Rumored to be a favorite of Abraham Lincoln, this steak was seasoned with salt, cooked in butter, and cooked over live fire. It’s served with a thin gravy and Delmonico’s potatoes that contain cream, white pepper, and parmesan cheese.

7. Chicago-style Pizza

Naples was the first to introduce us to pizza, yet the City of Big Shoulders (and much greater pizzas) gave us this profound dish. The legend goes that in 1943, a visionary named Ike Sewell started Uno’s Pizzeria in Chicago with the possibility that if you made it sufficiently big, pizza, which up until then had been viewed as a sidekick, could be eaten as dinner.

Regardless of whether he or his unique gourmet specialist Rudy Malnati started it, one of those supporter holy people of pizza made it deep and filled it high, making a tall, rich outside layer with bunches of meat, tomato pieces, cheddar, and genuine Italian flavors.

Even now, thin crust pizza has its place and is considered worth eating. However, nothing will satisfy you more than an authentic Chicago-styled pizza.

6. Nachos

A curse for every dieter, and a savior of happy hours, can there be any more perfect dish to accommodate your mint margarita?

Do you know that Mexico hosts the international Nacho Festival and the largest nacho competition in the world every October near the Eagle Pass, Texas?

It’s because that was where Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya created nachos. They were created to satisfy the appetites of the wives of some American soldiers who came to Victory Club restaurant after it was closed.

Maitre d’Ignacio didn’t send those women back empty-handed. Yet she improvised and made something with things that she already had in the kitchen – leading to the creation of nachos. Hence, from there, nachos have crossed the border and have reached every country and continent around the world.

5. Philly Cheesesteak

This sandwich is so greasy and so hallowed that you have to make a certain posture to eat it – the Philadelphia Lean posture. It is vital you learn this posture to make sure your clothes don’t get dirty.

The sandwich contains frizzled beef, which is chopped while being grilled in grease; the Philly steak sandwich attains the rest of the grease from cheese and onions. Harry Olivieri and Pat get a standing ovation for making the first ever steak combined with cheese and then selling their newly made meal from a hot dog stand in north Philadelphia.

Pat later started his own restaurant – Pat’s kind of steaks, which is still operational and competes with Geno’s steaks for the best steaks in town.

4. Hot Dogs

Nothing goes hand in hand with a baseball game and food like a hot dog.

For this, we owe a big thanks to Germany, where a similar sausage was created. An immigrant Charles Feltman created a hot dog to save people from plates and to enable them to eat and walk simultaneously.

But it was Nathan Handwerker, a Polish immigrant, whose hot dog stand on Coney Island gave the hot dog the iconic respect it has today. Since then, Nathan Handwerker puts up the biggest hot dog eating competition on the 4th of July to celebrate the success of this dish.

On the other hand, the steamed (or water-filled) all-beef hot dog is still being served in many places. Served with a poppy seed bun and without ketchup, this hot dog is still being dragged all around the garden.

3. Grits

People who did not grow up eating grits wonder what they are. And those who did spend their entire childhoods feeding on them, wondering how anyone can actually live without them.

But what are Grits? This beloved food item carries an American origin down to its native roots. They can be commonly found in the “Grits Belt” which can be seen girdling everything from Texas to Virginia. In these areas, this dish is considered a standard offering on every dinner menu.

You will be amazed to know how versatile these grits can be. They can be plain, sweet, or savory. You can either pan-fry them or cook them like porridge. Grits are cheap and simple, but that does not compromise their quality. Have them and you will be amazed at how profoundly satisfying they might be.

2. Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is, without a doubt, comfort food for a lot of American people. It is also a means of salvation for so many moms in order to pacify their finicky kids.

There is nothing so American about this simple dish, except for the fact that it was introduced into America by Thomas Jefferson. On his trip to Europe, Jefferson fell for a specific noodle dish and took notes back home, where he recreated the recipe and named it “macaroni pie.”

Mary Randolph, a cousin of Jefferson, modified the recipe and included it in her cookbook with the name “macaroni and cheese.” The book was published in 1824 under the name of “The Virginia Housewife.”

So, whether you go for the conventional Mac and cheese at a dinner or order its gourmet version by one of those chefs who put their own twists in it, you have to try this American dish at all costs.

1. Maryland Crabcakes

The Chesapeake Bay is not only about the suntanned people in topsiders or regatta contests. In fact, it has a lot more to offer, at least in reference to the local cuisine. It is actually the home of the blue crab, which is interestingly claimed by both Virginia and Maryland.

Whether you like it in the classic gourmet style or eat it with fillers on the top of a bun, Maryland is the best place to succumb to your cravings for crab cakes.

You might be wondering why only Maryland, when you can get these crab cakes from anywhere. The reason is that blue crabs from the Chesapeake Bay are preferred by every food expert both in terms of taste and tradition.

So if you are a huge fan of crab cakes, or even if you have never tried them before, you absolutely have to get a taste of the famous crab cakes in Maryland. They will definitely make your taste buds explode and leave your heart craving for more!


Usually when we think about American cuisines, these are the dishes that come up in our mind. Over the years, these dishes have put such a mark on us that we feel connected and have a love affair with them. I hope this list covered the gamut from summer times and comforted your food favorites.