How to Get Drunk Fast

Getting drunk on alcohol to relax once in a while is definitely tempting, I have to share some of the best ways to get drunk fast.

(Last Updated On: 01/10/2019)

It is a chilly Saturday night and the temperature outside is freezing. This calls for one thing: A lot of you will be drinking, not only to enjoy the Saturday night, but also to warm up yourselves. While a steaming cup of Irish coffee seems to be the most appropriate option, it is certainly not the drink of choice if you are looking to get your buzz on, or if you are simply a fan of alcohol.

As someone who has been drinking alcohol for a while now, I really appreciate its importance. Alcohol can get you up and going in so many different ways. You gulp down one drink, and the next moment, you find yourself in a conversation with a person you never had the guts to talk to. Pour yourself another drink and your confidence grows further.

By the time you reach your third drink, you are chirpy, energetic, and ready to party. You find yourself miles away from the bad day you had at work or the financial crisis you are currently facing. You are relaxed as ever, away from the worldly problems. Some might argue that these effects are temporary, but I can tell you that they are still totally worth it.

While some of you may not appreciate these nights, let me tell you that they are really important. These nights remind us how worth-it our friends are and how degenerate we can become. Over the period of many years, I’ve faced many such nights where my only aim was to discover tools and methods to get alcohol in my blood and to make myself drunk as quickly as possible. These nights opened up many secrets for me, and made me do things I would never ever do when I was sober, but they did make me lively. I would never recommend getting drunk, but anyways, I have to share some of the best ways to get drunk fast. The things listed below can be considered articles of self-destruction. Believe me, they will make you bent completely.

I feel that it is a part of my job to tell you that while everything I mentioned above seems fun and productive, it is not recommended to try this out every single night. Getting drunk on alcohol to relax once in a while is definitely tempting, but doing it on a regular basis may cause more problems for you.

How to Get Drunk Fast

Always Choose the Right Drink

Keep a watch on the amount of alcohol. Distinct ciders, beers, and other hard liquors have a special amount of alcohol. If you are trying to get intoxicated quickly, try drinks that have a higher amount of alcohol. Usually, you can see the amount of alcohol printed on either side of the container. An elevated percentage indicates that the liquor is designed to get you get intoxicated more quickly.

Beers containing a larger amount of alcohol regularly contain approximately 15-18% alcohol. Such beers would often be produced by smaller companies, as big corporations don’t prefer to include a high alcohol content. Beers that contain 11% of alcohol can prove to be quite potent for you. If you are unable to find any beer within the specified 15-18% range, then try a beer containing 11% alcohol.

Never forget your limits. Two to three hard beers can have the ability to get you over the edge. When your head stars feeling buzzed, slow down your pace of drinking. If you begin to feeling sick or even dizzy, then take this as a sign to halt drinking. You would never enjoy ending up in a hospital bed due to alcohol.

Try Diet Sodas with Liquor

Mixing liquor with a diet soda like Coke or Pepsi will ensure that you get drunk faster. The reason behind this is that our bodies recognize simple sodas as food. Therefore, the absorption of liquor is slowed down by our bodies. However, if consumed with diet sodas, the absorption of alcohol remains undisturbed and makes you get drunk faster.

Usually, people cannot feel the difference when they mix alcohol with regular soda or diet soda. Now that you know this fact, make sure you are prepared to get drunk at a much faster pace when you mix alcohol with diet soda.

Make Use of Fizzy Drinks

Bubbly and fizzy drinks include sparkling water, sprite, champagne, and drinks that are mixed with tonic water. If you want to get drunk at a much faster rate, make sure you order a bubbly drink. Taking these

Make Sure you Choose Hard Liquor over a Beer Can

Beer or wine is not made to get you drunk. Hard liquor is. Containing a much higher amount of alcohol, these drinks ensure that you get drunk faster. Doing alcohol shots is perfectly fine, as you will be absorbing a high quantity of alcohol. The speed of getting drunk has been found to be particularly increased with vodka. So, next time you want to get intoxicated, make sure you try some hard drinks.

You should remember that drinks can become harder or weaker depending on the bar you are getting the drink at. For instance, some come up with notably more than one serving in a single mixed drink.

You may additionally order a double of any drink. This will ensure you drink two servings of your drink in one sip. So, if you are consuming greater, and quicker, this can let you get drunk faster. Liquor like vodka contains a very high amount of alcohol. Consuming too much and trying other drinks at the same time can make you ill. Try and stick to the simplest, yet hardest one.

Try Spiked Corona

This is virtually some powerful thing that I got up with while hanging out by the pool. I had all this Corona in the glass; however, I didn’t put in any limes. So, here’s the way it works. Open a Corona and sip it down to the point that the neck of the bottle is empty. Fill the neck with the Bacardi. Corona will become so strong that not even the homeless person who lives on the road next to your home will ever drink it. Drink six of those and nobody can stop you from doing a troublesome thing in your neighbor’s backyard.

Don’t Forget the Long Island Iced Tea

This drink is loved by bartenders internationally. In particular, due to the fact that everyone forgets exactly what goes in it. But, even the dumbest of bartenders know that the Long Island Iced Tea contains at least 5 shots. Gin, Sec, Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Triple Sec, bitters, and Coke. Yes, all the hard hitters are here. The trick is to ask the bartender to make it so hard that you feel this drink right in your veins. If your bartender is good enough, you will be able to get drunk within no time.

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Drink and Eat Effectively

1, Always Drink when you Feel Relaxed

If you are feeling stressed, then make sure you relax. High levels of stress can reduce the speed of intoxication.

Relax as you drink, as stress can slow down the intoxication. If you are drinking while doing something stressful, that may negatively affect the buzz.

2, Eat Before Drinking

It is advised to always have a light meal before you start drinking. Drinking without having any food in your stomach is never a good idea and can actually be dangerous. However, this does not mean that you should eat a heavy meal, as too much food may also reduce the ability of your body to soak up alcohol.

So, make yourself something light like a sandwich, chicken salad, or a small quantity of fish. Then sit back, and relax while you sip on your favorite alcohol.

3, Prefer Drinking with a Group

If you drink with a group, the process of getting drunk becomes faster. This is because people tend to complete their drinks at a much faster rate when they are with company. This will not only make you drunk quickly, but will also increase your total alcohol consumption.

However, do not forget to keep track of your drinks, as it is possible for you to overdo on alcohol in a group.

4, Drink in a Curved Glass

Always choose a curved glass to drink if that’s an option. This is because using a regular glass may actually affect your ability to get intoxicated, and not in a good way. Using a curved glass is beneficial because you are unable to know the midpoint of the glass. You will sip at a faster rate without actually knowing the real amount.

5, Keep a Check on Your Medicines

It is important to check your medicines before you start drinking. This is because alcohol has a tendency to interact with certain drugs. So if you are going to get drunk, remember to check the labels of every medicine that you are taking at the time. Ensure that none of them interact with alcohol.

Do not take any painkillers after drinking. These medicines can interact with alcohol and may damage your organs, particularly the liver. Painkillers containing acetaminophen are particularly dangerous and must be avoided at all costs.

6, Maintain Moderation

I understand how much you love alcohol, and it is not bad to get really drunk once in a while. But for the rest of the time, be sure to maintain habits like these in moderation. This is because using too much alcohol can severely damage your health in the long run. Stick to one or two drinks most of the time to keep yourself healthy.


As mentioned earlier, I strongly disagree with getting drunk all the time and disturbing your role in society. If you are a casual drinker, these simple pieces of advice will make sure you get drunk in as little time as possible. Use the rule of moderation and indulge in the true pleasure and relaxation provided by alcohol.